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The 90-ton Cyclops of Decker Tressle - Art by Skipper Lee

The Cyclops owned by Acer's Hueys pilot Decker Tressle originally belonged to his mother Ellie. Decker has become famous amongst the Strikers during his short time with the team. His outstanding piloting and gunnery skills are virtually unknown of in Inner Sphere pilots his age. Decker continues to pilot the design in honor of his missing mother, despite the Cyclops variant's drawbacks. The Mech's current configuration, its original, actually limits Decker's abilities considerably.

..."I will see this old machine through to the end. And yes, I will modify it one day...when the need comes. For now, I do my part with what I have and that is all anyone can ask of me."

...Decker Tressle

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