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The 85-ton Shogun of Hayato Rihaku - Art by Chris Kotthoff

The Shogun is one of the rarest Mechs in the Inner Sphere. It was originally used by Wolf's Dragoons, but a few salvaged Shogun Mechs were heavily modified to work even without their original weapons. Over the years this small number has been maintained by non-Dragoon units. Hayato Rihaku, who actually stole his Mech from a private Mech hangar somewhere on Miranda, is the only Striker member to have ever piloted a Shogun. His is partially modified, but carries the same type of weapons as the original Dragoons configuration. Because of its need for original or custom-made replacement parts, Shogun Mechs are usually considered a technician's nightmare. Hayato's Mech was likely salvaged sometime after Wolf's Dragoons aided during the Battle of Luthien, then smuggled off-world to a rich private collector on Miranda.

..."I had no idea that I would find such a treasure when I went looking for a Mech. However thanks to the extreme rarity of this design and its antiquity, I may trade it off for something else easier to maintain. We will see what happens, okay?"

...Hayato Rihaku

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