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The 80-ton Stunt Loader of Dante - Art by Chris Kotthoff

The Stunt Loader has been known as the weakest point in the Clan Solahma Star. Though the Stunt Loader bears an impressive resemblance to a BattleMech, it is actually a refitted UtilityMech design. The Stunt Loader is piloted by Dante, a solahma warrior of the Nova Cats. The Mech is dangerous at medium range with its large laser and Gauss rifle armaments.

..."The Stunt Loader has been good to me. Though I am not often able to see combat, I know the Mech can put up a fight regardless of the conditions it faces. The Stunt is my own project and I hope to one day prove that UtilityMechs can indeed rival their bigger brothers if properly refitted. For now, the Stunt is my ride to the battlefield and the last chance I have for a glorious end."


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