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The 30-ton Urbanmech of Mural Rye-Del - Art by Chris Kotthoff

The metallic shine of the Strider's Strikers' sole Urbanmech can often be seen around the team's base. Piloted by Mural Rye-Del of the Headquarters security team, the Mech is often seen lying on its side or struggling to get back into a standing position. Rye-Del is always trying to improve his piloting but has found a lot of problems with the Urbanmech's general lack of useful arm appendages.

..."Well I'll always love the design for its looks. Some say its just a walking trashcan, but I'd have to disagree. Not too many trashcans weigh in at 30 tons and none I know of carry a RAC-5. Though my opinion hardly matters because I'm just an old retiree, this Mech has earned my respect and I'll continue to pilot it as long as I'm able to."

...Mural Rye-Del

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