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Players...Old and new, these are the faces of the Strider's Strikers players group.

Adam has played the tabletop game with Mike several times in the past, and occasionally plays campaign missions via Megamek. Adam used to play the game in Australia and with Mike while the two lived in Japan at the same time. He and Mike teamed together to create The Crusaders mercenaries. While they are largely Adam's creation, Mike encouraged him to get the story down solid and helped with some of the character backgrounds. Adam still helps craft new storyline for The Crusaders.

Pic Inspiration!

Lives in: New South Wales, Australia
Prefers: Inner Sphere (why? Inner Sphere Mechs)
Main Interests: Video Games, Traveling, Spending time with his children, Sci Fi Literature, Role Playing Games, Strategy PC Games
Other Sci Fi Interests: Star Wars, Star Trek (Voyager and Enterprise)
Movies: The Fifth Element, Kill Bill, Star Wars
Primary Characters: Sir Alec de Payens (original character), Rotislav Hanwright, Marc Bevan

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