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Players...Old and new, these are the faces of the Strider's Strikers players group.

Ryan started playing the BattleTech CCG back in high school in the very early days of the Strikers. In fact, though we had our players group, we had not yet even played the BattleTech tabletop game. Ryan created two of the most important characters in our storyline, and helped draft new storyline along the way while he was actively playing the game with us in college. Though he doesn't have many chances to play these days, he does join us for our traditional New Year's Eve reunion CCG games, some of which have been played as campaign missions.

Pic Inspiration!

Lives in: Kansas, United States of America
Prefers: Inner Spheres (why? Inner Sphere Mechs)
Main Interests: Marvel Comics, Video Games, Movies, Music
Other Sci Fi Interests: Star Wars, Spider-Man Marvel Comics
Movies: Partners, Shallow Hal, Flash Gordon
Primary Characters: Ryan Allen (original character), Rocky Potts

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