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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Oksana Litvinenko

Logistics Officer

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  3030
Place of Origin:  Marian Hegemony

Gunnery:  Not Applicable

Piloting:  Not Applicable

Pilots:  Not Applicable

Lance:  Not Applicable

...Not Applicable
...Not Applicable

Word of Blake Officer

Oksana Litvinenko has played a major role in nearly every Word of Blake attack on Strider's Strikers. During her 8-year service with Comstar, Oksana earned herself a reputation as a talented strategic planner. She enhanced the performance of those under her command by installing a revitalized coummunications network. The success of this reform further bolstered her already strong reputation. Those around her found only her political beliefs to be her downfall. She was reportedly initiated into a secret organization in 3045, one which many believe led to the eventual formation of the Word of Blake. Oksana belongs to the Sixth of June faction, a subgroup within the Toyama faction of the Word. She has worked diligently to manipulate allied units to do the will of the Toyama. In most cases she has met great success.
One of her only failures has been the unexpected betrayal of Denouncement member Dalek Imir. Dalek had learned of the conspiracies which were leading to his unit's fall after torturing one of Oksana's personal agents. Though he'd long suspected the hidden agenda that did indeed belong to the Toyama, Dalek had not made actual plans to betray the group until he had known for certain that his conclusion was correct. Oksana has since successfully used one agent, Navin Johnson, to collect data on Dalek's surviving unit.
Luckily for her enemies, Oksana is forced to roam the secretive underworld of politics because of the radical ideologies of her Toyama group. If she ever did reach a position in which she could do her will openly, she would most likely come face to face with an overwhelming number of enemies of which she has made over the years. Her position behind the scenes seems secure. Unfortunately this is the environment she has excelled in thus far.

This profile was last updated in 3068.

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