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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Paul Daggert

Regiment Commander - Company Commander - Lance Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3012
Place of Origin:  Outworlds Alliance

Gunnery:  Unknown

Piloting:  Unknown

  • Banshee BNC-5S, 95 tons

  • Lance:  Unknown

    ...Banshee Photo Link

    Regional Field Commander

    Paul Daggert was a regional commander during the Word of Blake invasions of Wasat and Miranda.  Knowing the Nova Cat forces on Labrea would rally against his own unit, Paul chose the planet the Strider`s Strikers were garrisoning instead.  He was somewhat forced in his decision.  He was ordered to retrieve the data coordinates of a lostech Warship that had been reportedly found by the Strikers unit.  He was also being secretly manipulated in an effort to rid the Word of Blake of the Denouncement sect - a group of irate scientists that most Blakist officers believed cancerous to the Blakist body.
    Paul`s nightmares came true as he was forced to make his invasion into a game of politics.  He was soon given an ultimatum by the Strikers` Headquarters commander Holden Trumphay; should he attack further and make his way into the Headquarters facility, Holden would destroy the data that the Blakist higher-ups sought.  Paul realized he would have to report the actions to his superiors and wait for their response to the Striker base's commander.Paul's command soon suffered from further delays by their superiors.  He was ultimately ordered to relocate too often, which opened gaps in his otherwise far-superior force's defenses.  Though he outnumbered the Strikers groups by dozens, his forces were gradually whittled away until they found themselves struggling in guerrilla warfare.
    Little did Paul know that his superior officers cared little if he won or lost his battles, so long as he continued to provide convincing support to the Denouncement cause.  The Word of Blake's participation in attacking the Strider's Strikers mercenary group was largely a ruse, a move made at the highest levels that was intended to hurt the Toyama faction and completely devastate the Denouncement.  As Strider's Strikers fought to retake Miranda, the frequent battles left Paul with too many problems.  When the Nova Cats and Steel Vipers of Strider's Strikers hailed Paul for a direct confrontation - a last ditch effort to defeat the Blakists - Paul accepted wholeheartedly to what he believed to be the best way of concluding the campaign.
    Paul eventually faced Nova Cat Star Colonel Devon Carns in one on one combat in the scalding sands of the Stricken Desert.  Despite having many advantages - not the least of which included his admirable marksmanship - Paul lost the challenge and ended up losing his life when his Mech came to a rest partially buried in a sand dune.  The Blakists' secondary commander failed to honor Paul's batchall bid, and so the Blakists continued the fight in what was by all means dishonorable to the Clan warriors they were facing.
    Enraged at the Blakist's audacity, the Nova Cat and Steel Viper warriors quickly took their enemies apart in standard Strider's Strikers fashion - a lethal mix of both Clan technology and marksmanship with Inner Sphere tactics.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.

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