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Casualties of War...

Date: Unknown
What remains of a Warship captain's log tells of a unit once destined for greatness, and their unfortunate end in space.

A Short Narrative by Kurstan

Unsuccessful Escape...

Date: Fall 3039
The remaining members of Llana's Breakers regroup one last time in the hopes of escaping their relentless pursuers.

A Short Narrative by Mike

The Meeting

Date: Spring 3065
After a rough start, Strider's Strikers make friends with Acer's Hueys when meeting the Huey commander in the Huey's hidden base.

A Short Narrative by Mike

A Steep Hill

Date: 3066
Sir Owen and a team of crack assault units make the ultimate first attack in a contest for the prototype Arbiter-class Warship.

A Short Narrative by Mike

Temporary Inconvenience

Date: Winter 3028
When the Acer's Hueys find themselves captured by renegade Liao forces, its up to the rest of the team to rescue them.

A Short Narrative by Mike

Strikers' Trap

Date: Fall 3062
Ambushing enemies who have followed them on their interstellar trip home, the Strikers put their prototype Mech to the test.

A Short Narrative by Mike

Tana's Dilemma

Date: Summer 3066
Few people trust mercenaries, but when one woman gets into trouble she's forced to bargain with mercs to save her brother.

A Short Narrative by Mike

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