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Ace Leghorn works as a lone mercenary, earning money to start his team. Brothers Jim and Bill Davis break their partnership and go their separate ways.


Alexus Capone meets Ace Leghorn.


Ace Leghorn, Piter Vichkle, Vender Stepps, and Dr. Suzy Evans create the Acer's Hueys mercenary unit with the aim of specializing in high-risk, short-term contracts.


Jim Davis enters the Federated Suns military. Acer's Hueys take their first contract.


Acer's Hueys complete their 2nd and 3rd contracts.


Llana's Breakers, a small mercenary unit based out of New Hessen, debut despite facing many setbacks in founding their team.


Mike Strider travels to the Oberon Confederation for combat training, marking the beginning of his grand scheme to assassinate interstellar pirate Kenny Redjack Ryan. The Acer's Hueys mercenary team is nearly destroyed during their 5th high-risk ontract. 15-year-old militia Mechwarrior Megan T defeats her commander in a virtual Mech championship.


Acer's Hueys expand by hiring Shane Belmont, Master Harold Higgins, Jasmine Geutie, and Megan T after opting to change their unit's specialization to more standard contracts.


The 4th Succession War begins as Hanse Davion declares war on the Capellan Confederation. Acer's Hueys, Llana's Breakers and other mercenary units on New Hessen immediately hire on to support House Liao in defending the planet. Liao commanders force Ace Leghorn to break contract and subsequently capture the unit's command lance. Piter Vichkle and Shane Belmont die while helping to free the command lance. Thomas T.D. TrevahrDyhl and Bridget Lones are hired as replacements for the Acer's Hueys unit.




Mural Rye-Del is hired by the Darkoor company.




Mark Pike joins Smithson's Chinese Bandits.


Yoshi Karamoto defeats his first enemy in a BattleMech match during service in the Chaos March.


Mike Strider meets Alexus Capone in the Oberon Confederation, learning advanced close combat techniques from the up-and-coming assassin.


Xandar Harlow becomes the "Savior of Oberon" by foiling pirate Kenny Redjack Ryan's plot to destroy the capital of Oberon VI. Xandar Harlow's reward prompts him to reform, an easy choice after no longer needing a life of crime to support himself.


Mike Strider joins Kenny Redjack Ryan's pirate band in an attempt to kill Ryan, the King of Butte Hold.


The War of 3039 begins. Llana's Breakers and Acer's Hueys combine forces under a joint patrol contract for House Kurita within the Labrea system. Llana's Breakers are overwhelmed and destroyed by pirate forces after being set up by their employers. Acer's Hueys investigate their allies' demise, only to withdraw after facing annihilation themselves.

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