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Xandar Harlow meets Mike Strider aboard the Screaming Engine Dropship. Acer's Hueys flee to the Periphery out of fear of militaristic and political backstabbing by officials within House Kurita. Lamont Sanford begins working as a salvager. Sevahn Von Drakhul is promoted to his first commanding position.


Ace Leghorn hires Alexus Capone to find and assassinate the conspirators responsible for the demise of Llana's Breakers.


The Mercenary Review Board declares Acer's Hueys a rogue mercenary unit unqualified for legally-commissioned work. Acer's Hueys begin black market contracts.


Alexus Capone completes Ace Leghorn's contract, killing three Draconis military officials and two politicians connected to the intentional sacrifice of the Llana's Breakers mercenary unit.


Mike Strider joins the Hansen's Roughriders mercenary unit.


Ryan Allen and Rocky Potts sell their Sentinel BattleMech in order to fund their traveling and gambling scheme. Norbert Owens joins the Chinese Bandits mercenary unit. Mark Pike meets Mike Strider.


Dana Douglas joins the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery (DCMS). Sameer Carter joins the Federated Suns military.


Mechwarrior Rally leaves his sibko.


Marc Lucas and Mace Volt join the Com Guards. Sergei Dive enters military service as a licensed hovercraft pilot.


The Clans probe the Periphery during pre-invasion of the Inner Sphere. Holden Trumphay commits his first crime as the "White Thief".


The Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere begins, destroying several Peripheral kingdoms and much of the Free Rasalhague Republic. Maria Perez joins the DCMS. Lucky Day is discharged dishonorably for the first time of many in his career.


Duo Maxwell begins samurai training. Sasha Breen and Claudia leave their sibko.


Sasha Breen, Claudia, Marc Lucas, and Mace Volt fight in the Battle of Tukayyid. Precentor Demona Aziz forms the Word of Blake when Myndo Waterly's Operation Scorpion fails. Mandrake is initiated into the Kraftwelt cult.


Linus Evett begins his campaign of guerrilla attacks against the Jade Falcons on his homeworld. Ellie Tressle disappears.


Duo Maxwell travels to Solaris VII. Adam Vindraff begins working as a pirate and a thief. Kurtis Carrico defeats his first Clan opponent during a Mech duel in the Periphery.


Fox of the Nova Cats becomes a solahma. Sir Christopher Steiner, Sir Alec de Payens, and Sir Owen Hardcastle meet on Gibson. Star Commander Simon is demoted in rank to Mechwarrior.


Cyric is taken as a bondsman by the Nova Cat Clan. Vincent Thomas rescues Tony Hopkins. Otis Henson begins Mech piloting as a hobby. Avalon Hodge kills her lance commander and is removed from the Free Worlds League military. Sir Alec de Payens, Sir Alfred Trebuchet, Sir Rick Ridges, and Sir Frederick de Saint Aldemarr form the Crusaders mercenary unit to combat radical extremism.


Andrew Allen meets Mike Strider. Rally is taken as a bondsman by Sasha Breen. Sir Owen Hardcastle and Melissa Fox meet on Gibson. Rosa of the Nova Cats tinkers with her BattleMech for the first time. Sevahn Von Drakhul is approached by Word of Blake officials to lead the Vampire's Fangs mercenary unit during its formation.


The Word of Blake takes over Terra. Mike Strider, Norbert Owens, Mark Pike, and Andrew Allen gather to create Strider's Strikers. Norbert Owens is thought dead at the conclusion of the first contract. Sir Owen Hardcastle is kicked out of the Knights of the Inner Sphere and exiled to Wasat for militia duty.


Devon Carns of the Nova Cats is assigned to Strider's Strikers. Ryan Allen and Rocky Potts join Strider's Strikers after Devon Carns and Mike Strider defeat Tashakia Fong on Trolloc Prime. Rocky Potts meets Dr. Byron Jones. Strider's Strikers establish a Wasat base of operations while facing off against the Word of Blake mercenary unit known as the Vampire's Fangs. The copycat Bounty Hunter, Keeley Sands, attacks the Wasat base. Sir Owen Hardcastle and Jim Davis join Strider's Strikers after helping to rescue the team's commanders from the Vampire's Fangs. Strider's Strikers accept a contract against Clan Jade Falcon. Mace Volt and Marc Lucas join Strider's Strikers after their Dropship fails to aid in the fight against the Jade Falcons.

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