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Mackie MSK-DVS
BattleMech Technical Readout

Type/Model: Mackie MSK-DVS
Tech: Inner Sphere / 2750
Config: Biped BattleMech
Rules: Level 3, Standard design
Mass: 100 tons
Chassis: Ford Super H QWA3X Standard
Power Plant: 300 Hermes Fusion
Walking Speed: 32.4 km/h
Maximum Speed: 54.0 km/h
Jump Jets: None
   Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor Type: Standard
2 Arrow IV Systems
1 LRM 15 w/ Artemis IV
2 TAGs
1 ER Small Laser
Manufacturer:    Skobel MechWorks
   Location:    No longer Produced
Communications System:    (Unknown)
Targeting & Tracking System: (Unknown)


       "A box with legs" is how one military commander described the Mackie the first time he saw it. Others saw the Mackie as the future of warfare, and time has vindicated their judgment. Though the Mackie was first developed in 2439 by the Terran Hegemony, its existence and that of the Hegemony's entire BattleMech program was kept secret until 2443, when a lance of Mackies from the 801st Heavy Armored Regiment destroyed a company of Kurita tanks on the planet Styx.
       The Mackie was the first BattleMech to be mass-produced on Terra, in no less than six factories. It remained the Hegemony's ultimate weapon until 2455, when a commando unit from the Lyran Commonwealth stole the plans for BattleMech construction. The Mackie was produced until the start of the Amaris Civil War on Terra, and it is believed that General Kerensky took more than one hundred Mackies with him on his Exodus from the Inner Sphere. Three of Skobel's Mackie factories on Terra were destroyed in later years; the fate of the other three remains unknown.


       Built on the largest chassis available at the time, the Mackie used a massive 360 fusion engine that constituted a third of the `Mech's total weight. The Mackie's design team asked twenty of Terra's best weapons and support firms to help with the 'Mech's armament and electronics; as a result of the extra expertise, the Mackie's sensor system was the best ever built in the Inner Sphere.
       The Mackie's armor, though weak for an assault 'Mech by modern standards, was more than adequate for the first `Mech ever built. The Mackie has only fifteen heat sinks, and so the pilot must keep a sharp eye on the 'Mech's heat levels. The Mackie's engine shielding is poor, and so its fusion engine runs hotter than normal. The Mackie's weapons, like its armor, were top of the line in the mid 25th century: a PPC, two medium lasers, and a Class 10 autocannon. The Mackie's cockpit canopy is unusual, made of one way Plexiglas that allows the pilot to see out while preventing anyone from seeing in. The one way canopy makes the 'Mech look eerily uninhabited.
       Most of the Mackie's records have been lost or destroyed over the six and a half centuries of the Mackie's existence. General Aleksandr Kerensky is also believed to have taken a major portion of its records with him when he and the SLDF left the Inner Sphere. Many historians hope to find more information about the first BattleMech from ComStar's newly opened archives.


       The Mackie's design has been rendered obsolete by six centuries of technological development. No House army or mercenary unit in the Inner Sphere or any armed forces operating in the Periphery is known to deploy this prototype 'Mech.

Type/Model: Mackie MSK-DVS
Mass: 100 tons
Equipment:   Crits Mass
Internal Structure: 152 pts Standard 0 10.00
Engine: 300 6 19.00
   Walking MP: 3    
   Running MP: 5    
   Jumping MP: 0    
Heat Sinks: 12 Double [24] 0 2.00
Gyro:   4 3.00
Cockpit, Life Support, Sensors: 5 3.00
Actuators: L: Sh+UA, R: Sh+UA 12 .00
Armor Factor: 212 pts Standard 0 13.50

    Internal Armor
    Structure Value
  Head: 3 8
  Center Torso: 31 30
  Center Torso (Rear):   10
  L/R Side Torso: 21 20/20
  L/R Side Torso (Rear):   10/10
  L/R Arm: 17 24/24
  L/R Leg: 21 28/28

Weapons & Equipment: Loc Heat Ammo Crits Mass
1 Arrow IV System RA 10 30 21 21.00
   (Ammo Loc: 6 RT)
1 Arrow IV System LA 10   15 15.00
1 LRM 15 w/ Artemis IV LT 5 16 6 10.00
   (Ammo Loc: 2 LT)
2 TAGs CT 0   2 2.00
1 ER Small Laser HD 2   1 .50
CASE Equipment: LT RT     2 1.00
TOTALS:   27   74 100.00
Crits & Tons Left:       4 .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 10,906,500 C-Bills
Battle Value: 1,441
Cost per BV: 7,568.7
Weapon Value: 1,882 / 1,802 (Ratio = 1.31 / 1.25)
Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 25; MRDmg = 30; LRDmg = 27
BattleForce2: MP: 3,   Armor/Structure: 5/8
    Damage PB/M/L: 5/3/5,   Overheat: 0
    Class: MA,   Point Value: 14
    Specials: tag, artA

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