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The Strider's Strikers BattleTech players had hoped to find a BattleTech game with gameplay similar to that of the simplistic DragonStrike fantasy games. Our group searched nearly all the BattleTech game possibilities we could find. After borrowing from a variety of other games and making up the rest with our own imaginations, we created a crude looking (but fun) game that pitched infantry and battle armor against one another. For game pieces, we used pewters like BattleTech's large Elemental, soldiers from CAV, and soldiers from another generic pewter company. The gameplay is a lot like DragonStrike, but of course all things are BattleTech in nature. We modified weapons values, balanced Life Points, and tried to create a good mix of statistics to capture the essence of each character type. We welcome you to print a few of the character sheets and try out the game for yourself. A quick setup of instructions for the game is available on the right. If you find these rules lacking, modify them as you see fit to improve the game to your own standards...

Unarmored: Infantry

  • Inner Sphere Forces
  • Clan Forces
  • Commando Gauss Sniper
  • Commando Martial Arts Infiltrator
  • Commando Laser Rifleman
  • Command Heavy Needler Trooper
  • Commando Heavy GyroJet Grunt
  • Commando Assault Class Laser Gunner
  • Commando Man - Pack Firestarter
  • Commando Rapid - Fire Grenadier
  • Commando Laser Harasser
  • Rifleman
  • GyroJet Trooper
  • Scientist
  • Computer Specialist
  • Militia Soldier
  • Guerrilla Fighter
  • Commando Gauss Trooper
  • Commando Stealth Infiltrator
  • Commando Laser Trooper
  • Commando Machine Gunner
  • Commando Heavy GyroJet Soldier
  • Commando Assault Class Laser Soldier
  • Command Man - Pack Flamer
  • Commando Assault Grenadier
  • WATCH Agent
  • Laser Rifleman
  • GyroJet Soldier
  • Researcher
  • Electronics Expert
  • Officer
  • Unarmored Elemental Grunt

Armored: Battle Armor and Exo Skeletons

  • Inner Sphere Forces
  • Clan Forces
  • Inner Sphere Standard
  • Achileus Light - Laser
  • Kage Light
  • Purifier Adaptive
  • Sloth
  • Kanazuchi Assault
  • Jump - Jet Trooper
  • Feign Loader Exo - Skeleton
  • Clan Elemental - Machine Gun
  • Clan Elemental - Laser
  • Gnome
  • Salamander
  • Sylph
  • Undine
  • Ne Waripe Combat Exo - Skeleton
  • Act Loader Exo - Skeleton

This is a view of some example ArmorTech figures used with the Strikers' version of the game. The miniatures used are an Elemental from the official BattleTech miniatures line, 6 CAV soldiers, and 3 soldiers from a generic RPG company. The better the figures, the more aesthetically pleasing the game looks. However as all gamers know, looks aren't too important when it really comes down to the gameplay...

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