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Players...Old and new, these are the faces of the Strider's Strikers players group.

Dave joined our BattleTech fun in the very earliest days. He was a fan of Marik and the Wolf's Dragoons. Dave designed a very sturdy CCG deck that can be seen in the CCG section of this site. He has created a variety of main characters for the tabletop game and Strikers storyline, most of whom are still important parts of our core story arcs. He now works at a hotel and enjoys playing lots of games in his free time.

Pic Inspiration!

Lives in: Kansas, United States of America
Prefers: Inner Sphere (why? Inner Sphere Characters and Mechs)
Main Interests: Video Games, Movies, Making Music (he has released his own CDs online)
Other Sci Fi Interests: Lexx, Doctor Who, Star Trek (TNG)
Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Back to the Future, Ghost Rider
Primary Characters: Norbert Owens (original character), Mace Volt, Sir Owen Hardcastle, Savalas, Lamont Sanford

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