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  • November 11, 2011 7:14 amPosted 12 years ago
    Kristan Dagley

    Hello, I recently stumbled upon your BattleTech site and thought it was quite well organized and presented.

    I was wondering if you still happened to have a group of individuals whom you play campaigns or tournaments with and would like to give you an invitation of sorts.

    I am an administrator at an online BattleTech community that has been in operation for probably at least 9 years now, but I have only been with the site for about 7. We are a free play by email or play by forum role-playing group currently with 231 registered members (about 2/3rds who are active) with 12 different active units and 4 on hiatus. We are always looking for new members and units like yours. Maybe you have heard of us? Our site is located at:

    Our members join or create a mercenary unit within the Inner Sphere based on our communal guidelines and earn money (C-Bills) by successfully completing contracts. They can use this money or any salvage gathered to grow their unit in size and reputation giving there members price discounts, the potential of earning a land hold and of course promotions for the unit commanders and all participants alike. Money is earned based on the number of words you write for a storyline, however you can complete the contracts any way you see fit. You could simply write a story together as members in a unit or you could play out the whole story using the board game or the computerized MegaMek client, and write about what happens.

    Many of the members in our community started out in their own groups and several units already had their own sites established (and continue to use them) but were warmly welcomed to join us and adopt our centralized rule system and method of finding new potential players. Thus we have grown into one centralized rules site with many attached sites of our separate mercenary unit members. Come check us out!

    Lieutenant General Kristan Dagley, BattleTech Mercenaries – Military Hardware Broker (MHB)


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