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Into the Dark...

Year: 3072  Mission: Trouble in the Garden of Eden 
Year: 3071  Mission: ???? 
Year: 3070  Mission: When Chemicals Mix 
Year: 3070  Mission: Status Report of 3070 

Miranda / Labrea: Irece Prefecture years...

Year: 3069  Mission: The Black Dragon's Head 
Year: 3069  Mission: The Garden of Eden 
Year: 3069  Mission: Duo's Duel 
Year: 3068  Mission: Solahma Lost 
Year: 3068  Mission: The Counter 
Year: 3068  Mission: Cecil's Wrath 
Year: 3068  Mission: Ashes to Ashes 
Year: 3068  Mission: Undone-Command Lost 
Year: 3067  Mission: Trilobite Crisis 
Year: 3067  Mission: Ghost Bear Cometh 
Year: 3067  Mission: Not Without Proof: The Duel 
Year: 3066  Mission: The Arbiter Recovery 
Year: 3066  Mission: To the Ends of Miranda 
Year: 3066  Mission: Infighter Recovery 
Year: 3066  Mission: Altomere Encounters 
Year: 3066  Mission: Ular Nichten's Revenge 
Year: 3066  Mission: Vampire's Fangs - Civilian Casualties 
Year: 3066  Mission: Enter the Fangs 
Year: 3065  Mission: Data Retrieval 
Year: 3065  Mission: Capture of the One 
Year: 3065  Mission: The Skill of One 
Year: 3065  Mission: Maxwell's Ambitions 
Year: 3065  Mission: Into the Mountains 
Year: 3065  Mission: Storming the Base 
Year: 3065  Mission: Unwelcome Guests 
Year: 3065  Mission: Waves on the Rocks 
Year: 3065  Mission: The Crusader Arrival 
Year: 3065  Mission: Defending the Secret 
Year: 3064  Mission: Running Into Ghosts - Acer's Hueys Found 
Year: 3064  Mission: Maxwell's Contract-Fed-Com Civil War 
Year: 3063  Mission: Clan Half Contract-Fed-Com Civil War 
Year: 3063  Mission: Clan Outpost 
Year: 3062  Mission: Miranda Deployment 
Year: 3062  Mission: Miranda World Map 
Year: 3062  Mission: Status Report: Unit Expansion 
Year: 3062  Mission: The Clans Diosd Assault 

Wasat: House Marik Years...

Year: 3061  Mission: Escape from Wasat 
Year: 3061  Mission: Wasat Base Lost-An Overview 
Year: 3061  Mission: Protection of Smythe Farms Inc 
Year: 3061  Mission: Status Report After Irece Refitting 
Year: 3060  Mission: Smythe Farms Attacked 
Year: 3059  Mission: The Blakist Ambush 
Year: 3059  Mission: Vampire's Fangs-Blakist Rendezvous 
Year: 3059  Mission: Simulator War 
Year: 3059  Mission: Vampire's Fangs-Formal Introductions 
Year: 3059  Mission: Back to Normal 
Year: 3059  Mission: Mace Volt's Instructions 
Year: 3059  Mission: Hunt For The White Thief 
Year: 3059  Mission: The White Thief Contract 
Year: 3059  Mission: The Bounty Hunter's Assault 

The Early Years...

Year: 3059  Mission: The Clans-Jade Falcons 
Year: 3059  Mission: Trolloc Prime-Fong's Will 
Year: 3058  Mission: Mission Two-??? 
Year: 3058  Mission: Mission One-Skyetown 

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