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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Mercenary unit composed of Clan and Inner Sphere Mechwarriors

This section is an in-depth look at the significant personalities of the Strider's Strikers mercenary unit. Originally a lance of Mechs in 3058, Strider's Strikers grew by leaps and bounds after it was selected by Nova Cat Khans for a military integration experiment. The team quickly gained a name for themselves thanks to their Clan allies, including the Steel Vipers. However they also became bitter enemies of the Word of Blake, paying dearly for this in the early days of the Blakist Jihad. The team consists of an assortment of Mechwarriors from all walks of life.

Inner Sphere Striker Command Company...With Clan Solahma Reinforcement Star

Clan Nova Cat/Steel Viper Trinary...With Clan Zeta Reinforcement Star

Inner Sphere Defensive Company...With Inner Sphere Patrol Reinforcement Lance

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