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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Corven Case - AKA Dave


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3043
Place of Origin:  Free Worlds League

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  3

  • Hercules HRC-LS-9000, 70 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Guardian Lance - Open Minds

    ...Hercules Photo Link

    Dave - Original Striker Player

    The Inspiration Pic

    Dave is the awesome force behind the Strider's Strikers storyline's Marik and Free Worlds League members. Dave was a fan of Thomas Marik and Jaime Wolf when he started playing the card game with us back in high school. His Marik deck featured all the Wolf's Dragoons cards and a good chunk of the Marik cards, making it a really versatile deck with lots of free deployment Mechs.

    Some of Dave's favorite Mechs are the Guillotine, the Rifleman, the Annihilator, the Albatross, the Hercules, the Assassin, the Nova Cat, the Puma, and the Hornet.

    Dave's main characters are Norbert Owens, Mace Volt, Sir Owen Hardcastle, Lamont Sanford, and Savalas. Linus Evett is a character who is largely inspired by Dave, but created more by Mike. Corven Case is another tribute to Dave in that the character's name is based on Dave first GI Joe figure (Crank Case). Dave is a great contributor to the site because he created a variety of important characters who served as mainstays in storyline arcs. His choice of Marik themes also influenced the storyline and gave us our primary enemies, the Word of Blake. Dave also created a set of songs for this website, which we will hopefully get more of in the future.

    Thanks Dave for all you have done. We love your ideas and input!

    This inspiration was last updated in 2012.

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