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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Ahrald Prinzelden

Word of Blake Adept - Regimental Commander

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  2984
Place of Origin:  Free Worlds League

Gunnery:  Unknown

Piloting:  Unknown

Pilots:  Unknown

Lance:  Unknown


Word of Blake Officer

Rising to power at an early age, Ahrald Prinzelden became one of the youngest Comstar commanders to reach the upper levels of the organization.  When he discovered the botched remains of Operation Scorpion shortly after Precentor Anastasius Focht took over Comstar, Ahrald knew he had to break out of the rapidly-changing organization.  He got his wish shortly thereafter with the founding of the Word of Blake.  Ahrald's departure from his position left many curious as to why he had abandoned such a senior-level position.
Ahrald's defection to the Word of Blake was rewarded greatly by his new superiors.  He was granted a promotion by his colleagues in the newly formed Toyama faction of the Word of Blake.  Because of his recruitment by members within the Toyama faction, Ahrald was automatically accepted into the smaller subgroup.  His promotion further expanded his already vast powers.  Ahrald was permitted a research and development project to be headed by his one-time Comstar subordinate, Stanletta Tweedle.  Stanletta, a technician in service with Comstar from her teenage years, was dually known for her productivity and her bitterness towards her long list of superior officers within Comstar.
Ahrald shifted resources to his project's budget as greatly as he could.  Though he realized Stanletta and her close-knit group of scientists might prove difficult to control, he believed the profits outweighed the risks.  Much to his dismay, his subordinate, her companions, and most of the research funds disappeared after only 2 months of research.  Stanletta contacted him with an ultimatum, demanding she and her colleagues receive higher recognition and the Blakists accept a newly christened faction of Stanletta's creation - an organization they proudly announced as "The Denouncement".
Overconfident from his decades of subordinate loyalty in Comstar, Ahrald believed himself capable of reigning in Stanletta if he were able to dupe her into believing he was her ally.  After consulting with his superiors on an appropriate plan to prevent the Word of Blake from losing any of its newly found power, Ahrald accepted Stanletta's ultimatum.
When those outside the Toyama faction had been assured Ahrald had convinced Stanletta of his support, they began their own scheme to control the Denouncement while keeping in favor with the group of scientist outcasts.  Within weeks, they put their own plan into action.
Ahrald was recognized as a liaison to the Denouncement, then immediately paired with those in the Toyama faction to which he already belonged.  Blakist leaders gambled that the combined toxicity of the Denouncement and the Toyama faction could cancel one another out.  They would not lose both sects and so much of their base, but instead keep them in check by pitting them against one another.  It was a bold move that backfired years later.
In a joint project, the Denouncement was ordered to work alongside another Toyama project called the Vampire's Fangs.  The Fangs were a small new mercenary unit that would work exclusively under contracts benefiting the Word of Blake.  It was this assignment that led to Ahrald's leadership of an invading force that struck the world of Wasat from 3059-3061.  Ahrald's well-executed attack on the base with the help of a bounty hunter and pirate forces called "The Mystic Fleet Pirates" led him to great fame within the Toyama faction.  He had successfully removed the opposing enemy forces, mercenaries known as Strider's Strikers, from their base of operations losing no more than 7 Blakist Mechs.
Unsuspecting of any threats to his person, Ahrald stepped into a trap laid by assassin Alexus Capone.  She had been hired by Strider's Strikers commander Mike Strider.  Ahrald was shot in the head while on Wasat in late 3061.  He was evacuating his personal transport, which had caught fire after a small explosive had been triggered within the vehicle's system.  His body was identified by fingerprint and DNA analysis.
Upon hearing of the mercenaries' act of vengeance against their liaison, the Denouncement sect sent a small task force including Adept Melissa Fox to pursue the Strikers unit well into the Irece Prefecture.  This force was considered expendable despite their powerful armament of a lance of state-of-the-art Mechs.  Stanletta Tweedle knew her Denouncement group would have to prove some sort of loyalty to Ahrald, but refused to send any more than a single lance after the retreating Strikers.  Stanletta claimed her 'elite task force' was the best her faction could offer.  In reality it was the smallest credible sacrifice she could make.  Her ploy failed to convince most however.  Many in the Toyama faction began to rally against the Denouncement sect as a result, which eventually led to the scientist group's downfall in 3066.

This profile was last updated in 3068.

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