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The Infighter BattleMech enters the command lance of trider's Strikers after being designed and built by Rocky Potts and Dr. Byron Jones. Strider's Strikers visit the Irece Prefecture for upgrades. Star Colonel Devon Carns wins a Trial against a Warrior caste Nova Cat opponent. Strider's Strikers return to Wasat for employment with House Marik, monitoring Word of Blake actions planet-side. Ryke Patterson begins piloting Mechs after a career change from tanks. Ted Conrad purchases his trademark Black Watch BattleMech while gaining interstellar fame.


Sarah Smythe joins the team after her family's farm is destroyed. The copycat Bounty Hunter, Keeley Sands, leads an attack on the Strider's Strikers Wasat base. Mason Garr dies during the attack. Strider's Strikers are forced off Wasat by the combined military strike teams of the Word of Blake and the Denouncement. Interrogation specialist Borg of the Nova Cats and veteran security agent Mural Rye-Del team to establish Strider's Strikers Intelligence Corps. Ransway Burke joins Striker security. Daryl Zero loses all support on Solaris VII, ending his dueling career. Strider's Strikers consider unit expansion.


Strider's Strikers take a contract with Comstar against Clan Wolf forces on the planet Diosd. Duo Maxwell and Xandar Harlow join Strider's Strikers after aiding in the battle. Strider's Strikers' recruitment efforts take place on Galatea, Outreach, and Solaris VII. Unit expansion takes place as the main force makes its way to the Irece Prefecture. Sasha Breen is forced into the Watch, then ordered to join Strider's Strikers to infiltrate and spy on the Inner Sphere unit and their Clan Nova Cat partners. Steel Viper Mechwarriors and Nova Cat liaison Savalas join Strider's Strikers. Ahrald Prinzelden is assassinated by Alexus Capone for his role in orchestrating the fall of the Strider's Strikers Wasat base. The Denouncement sect of the Word of Blake pursues Strider's Strikers into the Irece Prefecture. Adept Melissa Fox is captured and reveals the truth about Sir Owen Hardcastle's past. Kain of the Nova Cats first uses "death from above" tactics openly. S.A.F.E. agent "6572" penetrates Striker security by posing as a Mechwarrior from the Periphery. Ted Conrad, Tony Hopkins, and Daryl Zero are hired. Crow Sunnman begins Mechwarrior training under Duo Maxwell. Selena Straamen is acquitted of the murders of six security officers on Wasat.


Strider's Strikers' Clan members take a contract with House Davion in the Federated Commonwealth Civil War. Vincent Thomas joins Strider's Strikers. Sir Owen Hardcastle is promoted to commander of the Assault Company and Dana Douglas replaces his position on the Assault Lance. Norbert Owens returns and becomes the secondary commander of all scout units. Elements of Strider's Strikers armor discover the Acer's Hueys' abandoned military base and its memory core during training drills. Jules of the Nova Cats begins to use "death from above" tactics, adding to the spread of Inner Sphere tactics amongst the Strider's Strikers' Clan units. The Crusaders begin their 3rd contract.


Manon Von Gerkan cracks the coded Acer's Hueys' memory core to uncover clues about the missing mercenary unit's whereabouts. Strider's Strikers commanders Mike Strider and Devon Carns choose to further divide their unit by forming special sub-units that can be independently hired out. Strider's Strikers' Command and Stinger Lances begin searching the Periphery for Acer's Hueys. Duo Maxwell and his command take a contract for private employers involving military actions against House Steiner units near the Jade Falcon border. Duo Maxwell's forces engage Clan Jade Falcon on two separate occasions in self defense. Holden Trumphay is assigned command of the small crew of Strider's Strikers headquarters staff, as well as the base's primary defense force.


The Command and Stinger Lances discover Acer's Hueys in the Brisbane system of the Taurian Concordat. Mike Strider agrees to aid Ace Leghorn's team in recovering a mercenary license in an exchange for data concerning a lost Star League-era Warship. All Strider's Strikers units return to Miranda after Blakists attack their headquarters. Miranda is overrun. The Crusaders mercenary unit is hired to aid Strider's Strikers in the fight. The Word of Blake and the Denouncement defeat Strider's Strikers' base defenses and take over the headquarters facility. Guerrilla warfare breaks out. Devon Carns leads the Clan members in a challenge that defeats the bulk of the Blakist forces. The Black Dragons are discovered to be in league with both the Blakist and Denouncement groups. Acer's Hueys and Strider's Strikers ally to recover the lost Star League-era Warship's coordinates from a library mainframe on Labrea.


The Crusaders, Acer's Hueys, and Strider's Strikers ally to overrun the Blakist-controlled Strider's Strikers' headquarters facility. The Word of Blake and Denouncement forces join the Vampire's Fangs to commit atrocities across Miranda, tarnishing the Strider's Strikers' reputation. Keeley Sands, the copycat Bounty Hunter, is captured and her true identity discovered. Training exercises on Altomere uncover a hidden Blakist resistance which eventually leads to fighting at a hidden Blakist base on Tyrus. A planned recovery operation of the lostech Arbiter Warship fails when the ship is found missing. A second recovery effort succeeds after Strider's Strikers battle the Thunderdome Minions pirates. Strider's Strikers begin hiring Warship personnel via a disguised and carefully screened Jumpship recruitment process as testing of the Arbiter Warship's systems commences.


Acer's Hueys prove their innocence to the Mercenary Review Board. The Crusaders take an assignment against Ghost Bear raiders on the Draconis Combine border. The Strider's Strikers Intelligence Corps discover that an assassin was hired by Mike Strider. Devon Carns wins a Trial of Refusal over Mike Strider, making Mike a Nova Cat bondsman. Devon Carns releases Mike Strider to continue leading the unit. The Ghost Bears declare a Trial of Possession for the Star League-era Warship known as the Arbiter. Despite their successful defense, Strider's Strikers suffer terrible losses against the Ghost Bears during the Trial. Strider's Strikers Intelligence Corps fail to discover the identity of the S.A.F.E. agent who has infiltrated Strider's Strikers, despite knowledge of the spy's existence. The Defensive Company are attacked with nuclear weapons on the Trilobite Moon in the Labrea system. Alexus Capone confesses her assassin identity shortly before she succumbs to radiation poisoning. Buford Olman confesses to his S.A.F.E. identity on his deathbed. Acer's Hueys obtain a new mercenary license, but suffer the deaths of four of their pilots during riots on Outreach.


Acer's Hueys return to Miranda after deciding to integrate their unit permanently with the Strider's Strikers team. Blakist death squads attack the barracks of the Strider's Strikers headquarters facility, killing Commander Mike Strider and Star Colonel Devon Carns along with most of the Command Company Mechwarriors. Followup attacks by the Blakists kill many more Striker Mechwarriors and personnel, including head of Strikers Headquarters security Mural Rye-Del. The Crusaders strike against known Blakist bases by secretly working outside their contract to act on their own moral code of vengeance. The Crusaders encounter Blakist headhunting forces sent to annihilate them. Cecil of the Nova Cats orbitally bombards Blakist forces, killing hundreds of Mirandan civilians in the process. Sasha Breen comes to power in the Strikers team by leading counterattacks on Miranda and Labrea. The Strider's Strikers mercenaries are forced off Miranda after awakening a hidden Blakist regiment. The solahma star of Nova Cats perish in combat.


Acer's Hueys rise to challenge Sasha Breen in the leadership of Strider's Strikers. Jasmine Geutie and Dana Douglas leave for Wasat in a rescue mission to protect Baron Grant Blanchon. Peter Eden aides Striker Mechwarriors on Wasat and joins the unit. Duo Maxwell's leadership is challenged by the Steel Vipers. The SSIC's best field agent, Bob Guy, is deployed to spy on Blakist staging grounds on Wasat. Inner Sphere members of Strider's Strikers strike at Black Dragon leader Ichirin Endo's base of military operations. Sasha Breen and Rally are captured by the Chemical Brothers mercenaries.


Jasmine Geutie, Dana Douglas, and Peter Eden return to the Arbiter Warship. Strider's Strikers undergo a command restructuring after hiring new Mechwarriors. The Chemical Brothers join Strider's Strikers.

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