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Crockett CRK-5003-1
BattleMech Technical Readout

Type/Model: Crockett CRK-5003-1
Tech: Inner Sphere / 2750
Config: Biped BattleMech
Rules: Level 2, Standard design
Mass: 85 tons
Chassis: Geometric 530 Hard Core Standard
Power Plant: 255 Strand Fusion
Walking Speed: 32.4 km/h
Maximum Speed: 54.0 km/h
Jump Jets: 3 Geotec 300 Standard Jump Jets
   Jump Capacity: 90 meters
Armor Type: CarbonStrand 30 Weight AS Standard
2 Dodd Small Lasers
2 Holly-6 SRM 6s
2 Blankenburg 25 ER Large Lasers
1 Blankenburg LB 10-X AC
Manufacturer:    Blankenburg Technologies
   Location:    Soul
Communications System:    GRPNTR Groundpainter 5
Targeting & Tracking System: Scope 30 RNDST


         The Crockett BattleMech is the classic story of a design that was better than anyone, even the commanding generals of the Star League Defense Forces, ever expected. Originally, Blankenburg Technologies of Soul won the contract to construct a battle-worthy 'Mech for use as a training simulator. The 'Mech was named for Davy Crockett, the famous 19th-Century Terran hero known for his fighting ability and unique approach to frontier combat. In 2735, the first limited production run of Crocketts was shipped to Star League military academies for use as training simulators for handling heavy 'Mechs.
         In the era of the Hidden Wars when tensions between Star League member-states led to both overt and covert military actions, the SLDF had to redeploy many of its front-line BattleMechs to new posts, creating the need for new training 'Mechs. Ten years after the Crockett's introduction, a number of commanders began to test the design for possible combat use. When they discovered its ease of handling and that some of the 'Mech's unique capabilities made it unpredictable to the enemy, a number of 'Mech divisions began to use the Crockett.


         The Crockett was originally designed to train new recruits and MechWarriors in the rigors, restrictions, and skills of piloting an oversized 'Mech. The fact that it was jump-capable added to the huge machine's training potential. One reason the Crockett made the transition from training to fighting so smoothly was that its design sacrifices some of the armor protection typical of a 'Mech of its weight class in favor of additional heat sinks and weapons. The Blankenburg engineers took seriously the Quartermaster Command's request that the new trainer-'Mech be battle-worthy and thus incorporated some powerful features.
         The reliable Holly Short Range Missile Racks and their feed systems seem to work well with the Crockett's Scope 30 targeting and tracking systems. Because the 'Mech was designed as a simulator, many older Crocketts were simplified for ease of operation by green MechWarriors. Such ergonomics made the 'Mech very popular, and these features were retained in the design when the 5003-1 Series began production as a standard heavy combat BattleMech.
         Blankenburg Technologies Weapons Division (BTWD) has made breakthroughs in laser targeting and firing technology. In an attempt to give the Crockett an edge, Blankenburg incorporated its own specially modified laser in the 'Mech's design. The Blankenburg 25 Large Laser has a longer range than most other types because of a hyper-extensive guide beam channeled through the Scope 30 RNDST targeting system. Though the Blankenburg 25 Large Laser requires more frequent maintenance and generates more heat than other models, most warriors whose 'Mechs carry these weapons consider it a small price to pay. The light-weight, highly accurate LB 10-X Autocannon and the two arm-mounted small lasers round out the Crockett's weaponry.
         The cockpit life support system is the Crockett's chief weakness. Because the 'Mech was conceived as a simulator rather than a fighter, its life-support apparatus and systems did not use the most durable materials. This flaw led to the deaths of three MechWarriors after the Crockett was pressed into full-time military service. Two years later, all 5003-1 Series 'Mechs were recalled and refitted. Meanwhile, the original design was modified to correct the flaw in new production runs of the Crockett.
         The unique blend of movement capabilities, weapons, and their effective ranges make the Crockett a formidable battle machine.
         [Editors Note: The primary tactic of Crockett pilots was to maintain distance from an enemy, using the 'Mech's long range lasers to slow and weaken an opponent. Then, before the enemy could accurately target the 'Mech, the pilot jumped the Crockett to the rear of the enemy. Once landed, he turned quickly to fire at an enemy BattleMech's weaker rear. If the enemy turned, he risked exposing his machine's rear to other hostile BattleMechs. This tactic was a hallmark of the Crockett.]

Type/Model: Crockett CRK-5003-1
Mass: 85 tons
Equipment:   Crits Mass
Internal Structure: 130 pts Standard 0 8.50
Engine: 255 6 13.00
   Walking MP: 3    
   Running MP: 5    
   Jumping MP: 3    
Heat Sinks: 15 Double [30] 15 5.00
   (Heat Sink Loc: 1 LA, 1 RA, 1 LT, 2 RT)
Gyro:   4 3.00
Cockpit, Life Support, Sensors: 5 3.00
Actuators: L: Sh+UA+LA, R: Sh+UA+LA 14 .00
Armor Factor: 263 pts Standard 0 16.50

    Internal Armor
    Structure Value
  Head: 3 9
  Center Torso: 27 35
  Center Torso (Rear):   19
  L/R Side Torso: 18 25/25
  L/R Side Torso (Rear):   11/11
  L/R Arm: 14 28/28
  L/R Leg: 18 36/36

Weapons & Equipment: Loc Heat Ammo Crits Mass
1 Small Laser LA 1   1 .50
1 Small Laser RA 1   1 .50
1 SRM 6 LT 4   2 3.00
1 SRM 6 RT 4 30 4 5.00
   (Ammo Loc: 2 RT)
1 ER Large Laser LA 12   2 5.00
1 ER Large Laser RA 12   2 5.00
1 LB 10-X AC LT 2 30 9 14.00
   (Ammo Loc: 1 LT, 2 RT)
3 Standard Jump Jets:     3 3.00
   (Jump Jet Loc: 1 CT, 1 LL, 1 RL)
TOTALS:   36   68 85.00
Crits & Tons Left:       10 .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 8,388,825 C-Bills
Battle Value: 1,619
Cost per BV: 5,181.49
Weapon Value: 2,243 / 2,243 (Ratio = 1.39 / 1.39)
Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 33; MRDmg = 19; LRDmg = 7
BattleForce2: MP: 3J,   Armor/Structure: 7/7
    Damage PB/M/L: 6/4/2,   Overheat: 1
    Class: MA,   Point Value: 16

Created with HeavyMetal Pro

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