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Inspiration and Conception

The 20-ton Hornet piloted by Tony Hopkins is the Strider's Strikers mercenary unit's premiere scout. Modified beyond almost any recorded customizations to this particular Mech design, the Hornet has been upgraded with an XXL engine. The changes have been made with help from Tony's dad, a militia leader in the Draconis Combine. Though Tony has since parted ways with his family, he was allowed to leave with the heavily-customized machine that he himself had put so many hours into designing (along with the help of several of his father's milita's finest technicians).

Standard Variant

The original Hornet is intended as an urban scout Mech. However the design is much more capable than this, and was put to good use over the years by mercenary commands after Wolf's Dragoons began deploying the design. With its standard weapons loadout, the Hornet carries a single Medium Laser, an Anti-Missile System, and an LRM-5 launcher.

Souped Up

Tony's design was originally customized for several upgrades, including more powerful short range weapons and improvements to its speed. While most of the technical modifications proved useful, speed in particular became an important part of the Hornet's role in the militia's regular duties. This constant need for speed encouraged Tony and his father to put more and more money into the Mech. Their early modifications consisted of Myomer Acceleration Signal Circuitry and later on added the benefits of a Supercharger. Finally the Mech's entire system was overhauled and an XXL engine brought it up to its current speed.

With Tony's joining Strider's Strikers, he opted to invest more of his own wealth into the project. The result was the added protection of a Null Signature System. This system, combined with the speed of his comparatively small 20-ton Mech, make him a valuable scout. It is extremely hard to lock onto his Mech, especially when considering Tony's finesse for piloting light Mechs.

With the regular benefits of being a Mechwarrior of Strider's Strikers, Tony also received upgrades to his Mechs lasers. Though he was unable to receive Clan technology, he did get the best the Inner Sphere had to offer. His new ER Medium Lasers and ER Small Lasers make him much more effective in the field when more than simple scouting is needed.

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