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Inspiration and Conception

The Stunt Loader is an old, relatively outdated model that boasted experimental features when it was first created in 2947. One of the only mass-produced Mechs to come off assembly lines with counter-balanced appendages, the design was both revolutionary and controversial. It still made use of myomer musculature as a means of operating its primary lifts, but the arrangement harked back to the practicality of simpler designs.


The standard model of the Stunt Loader was originally designed with one task in mind, the loading and unloading of cargo bays in a variety of different gravities. As such, the engineers opted for a heavy duty gyro capable of keeping the machine upright even under extreme circumstances. The addition of this gyro, as well as the Utility mech's unique arm assembly, drove production costs higher than to be expected for a machine of its nature. The arm assemblies, designed by a retired Mech engineer from the Capellan March, are operated via a system of counterweights and gears in order to achieve the torque required for any load the Mech might encounter.
With little need for the more expensive fusion engines of BattleMechs, the Stunt Loader's creators opted to go with a standard internal combustion engine. This also fit well with the UtilityMech marketers' pitch, intending to lower the cost of other systems for the design and balancing the expenses of the arm devices. Despite all their best efforts, the final product ran at an unattractive price and doomed further production. Lackluster sales figures seemingly made the Stunt Loader unmarketable, and all efforts to sell the machine's production rights and arm assembly designs were rejected outright.


Modification of the Stunt Loader began with the Strider's Strikers' acceptance of a group of solahma Nova Cat Mechwarriors to their ranks. Dante, a solahma obsessed with tinkering, requested a Mech that could be modified easily. Because of the pilot's low rank, he was "punished" by his Nova Cat superiors with an Inner Sphere Mech. Instead of sulking over his UtilityMech assignment, he felt encouraged enough to begin roughly outlining how he could maximize the Mech's combat readiness. Dante's access to both Clan and Inner Sphere BattleMech parts would prove to be the key to the Stunt Loader's success.
Dante opted for powerful primary armament that would give him the reach needed to overcome his Mech's problems with maneuverability. He selected a Clan ER PPC and a Clan Gauss Rifle, along with two Clan ER Medium Lasers for backup. The overall effectiveness of these weapons can be limited at shorter ranges, especially due to the Stunt Loader's inability to deal with excess heat.
To enhance its limited speed, a supercharger was added with the help of Strider's Strikers technicians. This modification allows the Mech to run only slightly slower than most standard assault Mechs. The final design also mounts two external jump jet packs to give the Mech 60 meters of jump-capability. Though the final design looks strangely out of place on the battlefield, it does look reminiscent of the King Crab assault Mech.

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