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ThunderClap-20: An Overview

-produces multiple sonic booms of infrasonic sound waves by propelling an infrasonic source just above and below the speed of sound within a magnetic cylinder, effectively creating variable sound saves of immensive concussive force which may or may not cause damage through resonance

ThunderClap-20: Game Stats

To Hit: -3 Modifier to Hit
Heat: 1
Damage: 0*
Minimum Range: -
Short Range: 1
Medium Range: 2
Long Range: 3
Tonnage: 14
Critical Slots: 9
Ammo: -
* - (Target successfully hit by ThunderClap-20 must roll 2 separate hit locations. For each hit location, the targeted player must make a single roll to determine if critical hits are taken. Targeted player must also roll for Consciousness each time his or her BattleMech is hit by the ThunderClap-20, though the number to avoid losing consciousness never passes 5. After taking 4 hits from a ThunderClap-20, the targeted pilot automatically goes Unconscious.)

NOTE: The artwork featured here is by David White and Anthony Scroggins. The art has been modified from the original shots to show highlighted areas of the Mech where the ThunderClap-20 is housed.

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